Undergraduate Tuition Fees for Fall 2022-2023

Tuition Fees:  (International Students)


Number of Courses

Cost per course

USD ($)

Tuition fees per Semester in USD ($)

The Creative School



USD 6,500




USD 6,500

   * Fees per Semester are based on an average of 5 courses per Semester.


  • Tuition amount to be paid per semester over two equal installments, first installment (50%) due upon receiving the final cleared offer of admission letter (5 working days from letter date), second payment (50%) after one month from beginning of semester.
  • 5% extra discount for paying the full year(2 semesters) fees before the beginning of the academic year.
Other Fees: (International Students)
  • Application fees: USD 80
  • Non-Academic fees: USD 550 (to be paid annually)
  • Engineering Lab fees: USD 800 (to be paid annually)
  • Creative School Lab fees: USD 800 (to be paid annually)
  • Health Insurance fees: USD 120 (to be paid annually and mandatory to all students and in case any student submits another health insurance document, the amount will be waived)
  • Facilities insurance fees: USD 300 (One-time fee / Refundable)
  • Deposit: USD 1,500

Payment Options:

The tuition can be paid by either:

  1. Online payment through Universities of Canada’s online payment gateway
  2. In-person payment through credit card or cash at Universities of Canada’s Campus or CRO Office
  3. Cash deposit through Universities of Canada bank account
  4. Bank transfers through Universities of Canada bank account
  5. Money transfer through the bank branches below:
Bank Name Account Number Account Name
Society Arab International Bank (SAIB) 1801302400210010 (USD) Universities Of Canada In Egypt
Bank Misr 5230120000001434 (USD) Universities Of Canada In Egypt